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Founded in 2022, The Buzu Foundation is the charitable extension of Buzu Trading Cards.

The vision for our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is to promote art education in unique and innovative ways for the benefit of students, educators and communities.

An essential element of education.

Cognitive Development

Art education enhances cognitive functions, including problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning. Engaging in artistic activities helps children develop and strengthen their mental processes.

Communication Skills

Art education encourages the development of communication skills as students learn to convey their thoughts visually. It provides an alternative mode of expression and is especially helpful to children who find verbal communication challenging.

Reduced Disciplinary Infractions

Engaging art activities provides an outlet for self expression and stress relief, contributing to a positive and focused classroom environment which, in turn, often results in reduced disciplinary issues. 

Improved Fine Motor Skills

Art activities such as drawing, tracing, and cutting contribute to the development of fine motor skills in young children.

These activities require precise hand-eye coordination and control fostering the refinement of fine motor skills. 

Increased Academic Performance

Studies suggest a positive correlation between participation in art education and improved academic performance. Students who engage in the arts often demonstrate enhanced performance in other academic subjects such as reading and mathematics.

Cultivation of Patience

and Perseverance 

Art projects require time and effort, teaching students the value of patience and perseverance as they work through challenges and experince the satisfactions of completing their artwork. 

Creativity and Self-Expression

Art provides a unique outlet for self-expression and creativity. Through drawing, painting, and other artistic endeavors, young students can freely express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Cultural Awareness and Appreciation

Exposure from various cultures introduces young students to diversity and helps to develop cultural awareness. Art education serves as a gateway to exploring different traditions, styles and perspectives which develops a sense of global appreciation and creativity.

Encouraged Collaboration

Working artistically with others involves collaboration and teamwork teaching students to communicate, share ideas, and work together to achieve a common goal.  


At The Buzu Foundation, our mission is to champion art education by fostering a vibrant ecosystem that supports kids, parents, teachers, and communities.


We believe in the transformative power of creativity, and our commitment is to provide inclusive opportunities that unlock and inspire artistic potential at every level, help educators by offering resources that promote positive student behaviors and benefit the community

by offering free workshops..

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The Buzu Open Invitation Challenge!!

Inspiring Kids Artistically

Get ready for the artistic adventure of a lifetime!! Introducing the Buzu Open Invitation Challenge – because ...why should we have all the fun??

Through this exciting event we challenge kids to get in on the act by entering this free character design contest for young artists to create their own Buzu Trading Card character!!

*Parent/Guardian permission required.

The Buzu Behavior Management System

Helping Teachers Teach

Welcome to the Buzu Behavior Management System – where we turn good behavior into an art form!!

Attention schools! Our proven Buzu Behavior Management System is here to bring smiles and reduce negative student behaviors by 50% or more!! 

Art After School

Community Art Lessons

Embark on an artistic journey with Buzu: Art After School – where creativity knows no bounds!


Offering both cost and no-cost art lessons, these sessions are held both in-person and virtually.


 A portion of the proceeds from these lessons serves as a beacon for the arts in elementary schools, fostering a future where creativity thrives.

Choose your skill level – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – and dive into a world of imagination guided by caring and experienced professionals, including the renowned Mr. Guera.

Attendees, with parents and guardians encouraged to join, not only receive top-notch art lessons but also a coveted Buzu Trading Card, making each session a memorable brushstroke in their creative journey. Let Buzu: Art After School be your canvas for exploration, skill-building, and the joy of artistic expression!

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