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Positively Affective!!

Introducing the Buzu Behavior Management System – an innovative approach to nurturing positive behaviors and fostering a vibrant learning environment!! Crafted by teachers, for teachers, this system is the culmination of over a decade's worth of meticulous data analysis from three elementary pilot schools.

Designed to recognize and reward students showcasing favorable behaviors, the Buzu Behavior Management System takes a creative spin by incorporating art, Buzu Trading Cards, and diverse interests to cast a wide net, encouraging widespread student participation. Not just a theory – it's a proven success story, with a methodology boasting a remarkable 50% or more reduction in negative behaviors.

With all materials provided and top-notch customer service, implementing the Buzu Behavior Management System is a breeze!!

Offering Options That

Offer Solutions

We get it; your plate is already overflowing with the myriad of responsibilities you juggle daily. That's why we've crafted the Buzu Behavior Management System to be your trusty sidekick, running seamlessly with as much or as little effort as you deem necessary.


We're not just offering a one-size-fits-all solution; we're handing you the keys to customization. Tailor the Buzu Behavior Management System to fit the unique needs of your class or your entire campus.


Our menu of options is your toolkit for success, featuring teacher training sessions to ensure everyone's on board, the flexibility to set prices that suit your students, and the magic touch of a dedicated volunteer to make implementation and ongoing operations a breeze.

But that's not all – we've got data tracking and more in our arsenal! Because we believe that supporting teachers shouldn't be a hassle, it should be a delight. With the Buzu Behavior Management System, empower your teaching journey with a solution that understands your challenges and is designed to make your life easier.

Beyond Behavior Management

In addition to its proven success promoting positive student behaviors, this system is also a catalyst for social student interactivity and fundraising. By creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere through contests and tournaments we help provide opportunities for students can be celebrated and thrive!!


Proven Effective

Unlock the power of proven success with the Buzu Behavior Management System!!

Backed by years of meticulous data collected from several test campuses, our system has demonstrated its remarkable effectiveness in reducing instances of negative student behaviors by an impressive 50% or more.


Properly implemented the Buzu Behavior Management System has produced results that speak volumes, showcasing not just a theory but a tangible and impactful solution promoting positive engagement and growth. 

Sample Data

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Buzu Bucks

The Buzu Behavior Management System

begins with Buzu Bucks.

Given to students who demonstrate positive behaviors this unique currency helps to reinforce and encourage kids to continue their desirable deeds. 


Students may then spend their Buzu Bucks on a variety of rewards that include privileges, prizes and Custom Buzu Trading Cards!!

Buzu Bucks also enable teachers to record valuable data. By notating where students are being rewarded on school grounds educators and administrators can better understand where kids are thriving and where they might need further reinforcement. 

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Teachers know that there are times when students can use a little extra motivation for positive behavior which is why the Buzu Behavior Management System also includes special

Reward Bucks.

Location and event based Reward Bucks are more valuable than Buzu Bucks and can be used to redeem the higher value rewards that students want most!


There are even At Home Reward Bucks to help bridge behavior gaps between school and home. These are available to parents who want to continue the same routines and expectations at home that their kids

experience at school. Students bring

their At Home Reward Bucks (earned

at home) back to school where

they can purchase rewards.  

Specialty Bucks!!

Custom Buzu Trading Cards

Little artists, armed with their hard-earned Buzu Bucks, eagerly flock to the Buzu Cart. Here, dreams come to life as these young maestros trade their Buzu Bucks for personalized masterpieces in the form of Custom Buzu Trading Cards!!

But it's more than just a transaction; it's a celebration of artistic brilliance! Imagine a student whose unique character has been professionally brought to life as an official Buzu Trading Card.


Now, picture other kids, perhaps from different schools, clamoring to get their hands on this newfound treasure. It's not just about cards; it's about championing the artistic efforts and validating the boundless creativity and imagination that defines childhood at its very best!

Click on the button below to learn more about the

Buzu Open Invitation Challenge!!

By making Custom Buzu Trading Cards accessible to students, you're not just offering something to collect; you're igniting a spark of creativity that ripples through the entire community.


This initiative encourages other young minds to unleash their imagination, knowing that their artistic endeavors could be the next star in the BuzuVerse. It's a continuous cycle of inspiration, where good behavior becomes the golden ticket to earning more Buzu Bucks and expanding their collection of artistic wonders.

So, dear adults, join us in fostering a world where creativity thrives, and every Buzu Buck is a step towards championing the artistic spirit in the hearts of our young dreamers. 

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Buzu Reward Cards!!

With their hard earned Buzu Bucks in hand the Buzu Behavior Management System offers kids purchasable incentives that are both traditional and innovative beginning with Buzu Reward Cards!!  

These eye-catching illustrated cards offer students opportunities and privileges in a colorful way that is sure to help keep their excited interest all year long!!

Click on the button below to see all 30 Buzu Reward Cards!!

The Buzu Booth!!

Whether before classes begin or during lunchtimes, students may be given a central location to bring their hard-earned Buzu Bucks and purchase their rewards.

The Buzu Booth is a designated place and a designated time - for fun!! 

The Buzu Booth is also available to set up for your next school event!!

The Buzu Cart!!

As an alternative to having a centralized location for students to cash in their Buzu Bucks - some schools find that a mobile solution to work better. 


Introducing the Buzu Cart a conveniently portable behavior management organizer to get your rewards on the go!! 

We are happy to provide your school with a Buzu Cart if you do not already have one that you would like to use. We suggest a 3-tier heavy duty rolling utility cart.  


Included with the Buzu Behavior Management System is a variety of signage for display in your hallways,

on classroom walls and featured bulletin boards to help make for a smooth transition to this new system and encourage an ongoing student interest in the program.

We provide access to promotional materials that already feature assigned prices OR if you prefer we also offer signs that allow administrators and/or teachers to assign the costs you deem appropriate for your students.

Poster without prices (for you to fill in) 

Poster with our suggested prices.

Discover the added value of the Buzu Behavior Management System's growing video library – a valuable resource for students, their parents and educators alike.


Our curated collection covers a spectrum of essential topics, from instilling a sense of responsibility by following guidelines to navigating social situations with grace and etiquette.

Dive into the fascinating world of the Buzu Cart as our videos showcase its delightful offerings. Plus, unlock insider tips and tricks for crafting the perfect character for the Buzu Open Invitation Challenge, ensuring that every young artist embarks on a journey of creativity armed with the know-how to make their imagination shine. 

Sample Videos

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BCX Logo.png

The Buzu Trading Card Expo, or BCX, is an

end-of-year extravaganza that is a showcase art exhibit for student work, an exciting tabletop gaming tournament (with prizes) as well as live art lessons for a variety of skill levels!!

Showcase Art Exhibit 

Artworks throughout the year as well as custom Buzu character designs can be presented for all to see and celebrate!!

Buzu Battle!! TCG Tabletop Gaming Tournament

Students can sign-up in advance and bring their Buzu Trading Cards to play in a Buzu Trading Card Game tournament where participants win prizes!!


Live Art Lessons

Art lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced skills levels are held and taught live to interested artists!!

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