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The Beginning of Buzu

October 2015 - Pflugerville, Texas

What started as a simple "make your own trading card" art lesson by a student teacher quickly blossomed into a phenomenon embraced by students, teachers, and administrators alike...

The irresistible charm of these custom trading cards became an integral part of the school's behavior management system, proving to be a magical motivator almost instantly. Fueled by the overwhelming popularity and the tangible impact on student behavior, these trading cards evolved beyond rewards to become a captivating tabletop game and, ultimately, the cherished collectible art lessons we have today.

At each stage of development, Buzu Trading Cards emerged as an innovative beacon of artistic creativity, sparking the imaginations of young minds far and wide. What began as a humble art project is now recognized and celebrated by administrative school professionals, educators, business leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, tabletop gamers, parents, and, most importantly, our incredible kids.

Join us on this enchanting journey where education, entertainment, and art

converge into a harmonious celebration of creativity!

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Meet Mr. Guera

Creator of Buzu Trading Cards

Joel Guera is an award-winning elementary art educator with a 20 year background in media arts, animation, graphic/sequential design, business management. 

By combining his passions for art, education and entrepreneurship Mr. Guera has spend several years developing the Buzu brand into what it is today. 

Mr. Guera lives in San Antonio with his wife and son 

  • Rookie Educator of the Year - PfISD

  • State Senate Recognition - NISD Elementary Educator of the Year

  • Educator of the Year - NISD

  • Campus Partner of the Year - NISD

  • District Recognition - PBIS Showcase

Educator Awards

Awards and Recognition

1st Place Winner - Buzu Trading Cards

1st Place Winner - Buzu Trading Cards

1st Place $25K Winner - Buzu Trading Cards

Accelerator Alumni - Buzu Trading Cards

Spotlight on Buzu Trading Cards

Interview with Buzu Trading Cards

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Rachel H.

"When [my children] come home with a new Buzu Trading Card they can't wait to tell me all about them and which friend created it. But, the best thing is being able to see my child create a Buzu Trading Card with something they imagined

in his mind then bringing it to life with facts and magic is beyond amazing as a parent."


Rosalyn S.
Parent / Educator

"Cameron is typically the type of child who thrives on positive reinforcement. Having his own

Buzu Trading Card was an incredible boost to his confidence and desire to continue using his imagination even years later." 

Adam Falk.jpg

Adam F.
Parent / CPA

"After creating his own unique Custom Buzu Trading Card character my son Alec was hooked. So hooked in fact that he began asking for art supplies as gifts so that he could further explore his new interest in art!"

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