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Welcome to

the After Party!!

Embark on an artistic journey with Buzu: Art After School – where creativity knows no bounds!! Offering both cost and no-cost art lessons, these sessions are offed both in-person and virtually. 


A portion of the proceeds from these lessons serves as a beacon for the arts in elementary schools, fostering a future where creativity thrives.

Choose your skill level – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – and dive into a world of imagination guided by caring and experienced professionals, including the renowned Mr. Guera.


Attendees, with parents and guardians encouraged to join, not only receive top-notch art lessons but also a coveted Buzu Trading Card, making each session a memorable brushstroke in their creative journey. Let Buzu: Art After School be your canvas for exploration, skill-building, and the joy of artistic expression!!

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Upcoming Events!!

Ready for an artistic adventure?? Join our next art lesson!!

We also offer Buzu Battle tabletop game tournaments, custom card critiques and fundraiser opportunities

to help support art in schools and communities!!

Buzu Events are held both virtually and in person!!

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