Make art.

Play games.

Learn stuff.

What could be more fun than 


with Buzu Trading Cards??


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More than just trading cards.

Each Buzu Trading Card comes with a

QR code that links to its own video!! So

collectors can learn about a variety of

characters, topics, and even watch

interviews where kids talk about their

own custom Buzu creations!!

A celebration of

the imagination.

Buzu Trading Cards

are an open invitation

to artists of all skill levels meant to

inspire artistic creativity and fun!!

It is for this purpose that we offer

Buzu Worksheets

which are specifically designed

to help artists create the best Buzu possible. 

Easy as Uno


Creating your own Buzu Trading card character has never been easier!!

With Buzu: Uno-Dos-TRACE!!©

artists can overlay traceable templates to assemble their own unique creations from countless combinations.


at play!!

Whether they are designed by us, you or

your friends, ALL Buzu Trading Cards

can be used seamlessly in gameplay!

Join the


By joining the Buzu Collector's Club

you will receive FOUR different

Buzu Trading Cards by mail per month

 and support our ongoing charitable efforts!

(see below)



Whether by classroom, by school, or by district the Buzu Behavior Management System supports education in ways that are authentic and meaningful.

Kids! Cards!


When young artists attend Buzu Camp they get to experience the full benefit of what

Buzu Trading Cards have to offer!

With a focus on learning in ways that are both visual and interactive, attendees will create and play through the lens of their own imagination and understanding!

Bringing color into the


Giving back to communities in ways that are artistic and meaningful is what

Buzu Trading Cards are all about!!

Join us in our goal to place 

eyewear for correcting color blindness into every classroom.


that please!!

Whether made by you or us

Buzu Trading Card characters

are readily available on a variety of

products including t-shirts, bookmarks,

binders, and stickers!