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What are

Buzu Trading


Find out in this introductory video

in just 90 seconds!!


Buzu University

Buzu University boasts a robust Fine Arts curriculum for children ages 4-12 (and older) designed to entertain, educate and enhance the knowledge and skills of any young artist!!

Each Buzu Artisan [A] and BaseLine [B]

 card features a uniquely themed art lessons that you can view by scanning its QR code.

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More than trading cards...

Each Artisan [A] Buzu Trading Card 

is paired with a fun art lesson designed to entertain, educate and inspire - just scan the QR code!!

Art lessons are organized into suggested skill levels Beginner,

Intermediate and Advanced.

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Establish a Baseline!!

Baseline [B] Buzu Trading Cards 

provide artists with a foundational

knowledge to help build their skills.

Offering insights for best practices, tips and tricks these creatively themed cards are designed to take creative efforts 

to the next level!!

Baseline content is also organized into suggested skill levels Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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Earth Queen SOMED.png

Parent / guardian permission required.



What better way to inspire artists than to invite them to create their own official Buzu Trading Card?!


We invite kids to get in on the act by submitting their own original character to be professionally realized as a

 Custom [C] Buzu Trading Card!!

Each Custom Buzu Trading Card features a QR code that links to an interview with the designing artist!!


Whether Artisan [A], Basline [B] or Custom [C] ALL Buzu Trading Cards can be used to play the Buzu Battle Trading Card Game!!

Offering a unique tabletop gaming experience, players can battle their Buzu character against others with this deck featuring an assortment of ingenious props!

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Behold the Buzu Blog!!

Behind-the-scenes access, additional resources, recommendations, updates,

announcements, and all kinds of exclusive content can be found on the Buzu Blog!! 

And while you're there you can also become a Buzu Backer where you will

be able to view exclusive content, digital downloads and be the first to acess NEW Buzu cards before they sell out!! 

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A Foundation of Giving

Our mission to promote and support

art education continues with 

The Buzu Foundation.

Through this charitable branch of Buzu Trading Cards we provide art supplies,

art lessons, teacher training, our behavior

management program, fundraising opportunities and more!!

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Supporting Positive Behaviors

The Buzu Behavior Management System is an innovative approach to both promote and support positive student behavior!!

Created to offer the highest value our unique methodology is data proven to reduce negative school behaviors by 50%!!

Designed to encourage interaction on the campus and district levels this inclusive program takes behavior management to a whole new level.


The Buzu Shop

Buzu Trading Card characters are readily available on a variety of products including

t-shirts, bookmarks, binders, and stickers!!

You can also find original art, books and even schedule an appearance from Mr. Guera!!

Check out

and see what's new for the artist you love!!

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Rachel H.

"When [my children] come home with a new Buzu Trading Card they can't wait to tell me all about them and which friend created it. But, the best thing is being able to see my child create a Buzu Trading Card with something they imagined

in his mind then bringing it to life with facts and magic is beyond amazing as a parent."


Rosalyn S.
Parent / Educator

"Cameron is typically the type of child who thrives on positive reinforcement. Having his own

Buzu Trading Card was an incredible boost to his confidence and desire to continue using his imagination even years later." 

Adam Falk.jpg

Adam F.
Parent / CPA

"After creating his own unique Custom Buzu Trading Card character my son Alec was hooked. So hooked in fact that he began asking for art supplies as gifts so that he could further explore his new interest in art!"

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