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Created by 4th grader Glory E. The Earth Queen is one design that is big, BIG on concept! This "earth-friendly" design is a whole world of creativity featuring bright red birds that use complementary colors to complement the overall composition (that's our favorite part)!! You could wander the globe for years and not find a Buzu Trading Card quite this grand! An amazing Custom Buzu Card that makes a wonderful addition to any collection - buy it now and you'll have a whole world in your hands!!


You can see the video for this card HERE.


Name: The Earth Queen

Card Type: Custom (C Card)

Card Number: C-3

Overall Number: 8

Health Point (HP): 100

Classifications: Nature and Mythic

Card Size: 2.5" x 3.5"


C-3. The Earth Queen

Expected to ship by the end of February 2024.
  • What are Custom Buzu Trading Cards?

    Custom Buzu Trading Cards are created from the unique and original designs of kids artists who have participated in the FREE Buzu Open Invitation Challenge art contest.

    The winning design is then faithfully and pain-stakingly re-rendered by Mr. Guera. Kid artists are not only credited by name but are further memorialized by the card's QR code which links to interview where the artist speaks about their character's creation and its influences. 

    As an official Buzu Trading Card, Custom cards (or C-cards for short) are usable in gameplay and are highly collectible.

    Why should I buy a Custom Buzu Trading Card?

    Once made available for sale the proceeds of these custom cards are used to promote fine arts programs for communities as well as the creation/distribution of more resources to promote positive behavior management in schools!!

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