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Behold the sugary marvel of Overlappis Lazuli, a colossal caterpillar with a delectable twist! Picture this person-sized confectionery creature, its segmented body not made of ordinary segments but jawbreaker candies, vibrant and enticing. Overlappis Lazuli is a mesmerizing fusion of sweetness and strategy.


What sets Overlappis Lazuli apart is its ability to not just captivate with its candy-coated exterior but to engage in a whimsical yet formidable combat. With a spectacular feat, this confectionary giant can separate its jawbreaker segments, launching them at opponents with jaw-dropping precision. The battlefield transforms into a sugary spectacle as colorful candies soar through the air.


But the magic doesn't end there – like a confectionery sorcerer, Overlappis Lazuli effortlessly reassembles itself, ready to face the next sweet skirmish. This enchanting creature is a testament to the whimsy of the BuzuVerse, where every battle is a swirl of colors and candies, creating a truly delectable spectacle. Are you prepared for the whimsical warfare of Overlappis Lazuli? It's time to engage in a Buzu Battle like no other!


Name: Overlappis Lazuli

Card Type: Artisan (A Card)

Card Number: A-6

Overall Number: 6

Health Point (HP): 100

Classifications: Anatomy and Nature

Card Size: 2.5" x 3.5"

Suggested Skill Level: Beginner


A-6. Overlappis Lazuli

Expected to ship by the end of February 2024.
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