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Enter the fascinating world of Geometronitron, the relentless robotic marvel on an ever-evolving quest for ultimate perfection!! This ingenious creation is not your ordinary robot – it's a mechanical maestro that defies limits by continually building and upgrading itself to reach new heights of formidability.

Geometronitron is a true testament to innovation, constantly shedding its old parts for sleek, advanced upgrades. With each calculated modification, it aspires to become the epitome of power and unstoppable force. Picture a symphony of gears, whirring and clicking in perfect harmony as Geometronitron meticulously refines itself, leaving behind a trail of discarded components that tell the story of its relentless pursuit of greatness.


As it advances, this mechanical marvel transforms into the embodiment of technological prowess, a force to be reckoned with. Geometronitron stands tall as a symbol of perpetual improvement, a fusion of metal and ambition that encapsulates the spirit of progress in the BuzuVerse. Brace yourself for the unstoppable evolution of Geometronitron, where every dismantled piece is a step closer to mechanical supremacy!!


Name: Geometronitron

Card Type: Artisan (A Card)

Card Number: A-4

Overall Number: 4

Health Point (HP): 100

Classifications: Knowledge and Technology

Card Size: 2.5" x 3.5"

Suggested Skill Level: Intermediate


A-4. Geometronitron

Expected to ship by the end of February 2024.
  • Introducing Artisan Buzu Trading Cards – where creativity meets education in a mesmerizing fusion of miniature masterpieces and artful wisdom! Each card is not just a collectible; it's a doorway to a step-by-step art lesson personally guided by the one and only Mr. Guera. Unravel the secrets of artistic magic across three engaging segments, sprinkled with fun facts that bring the card's theme to life.

    But wait, there's more! Artisan Buzu Trading Cards aren't just for show; they're a canvas for every skill level, offering suggested levels of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. It's like collecting tiny treasures while embarking on an artistic journey tailored to your expertise.

    Picture this – a QR code adorning each card, seamlessly linking you to a world where creativity turns into outstanding realities. It's not just about collecting; it's about diving into the heart of art, learning, and creating on these enchanting, collectible canvases.

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