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Whether it's a BaseLine, Custom, Pro, or

It-Bit all Buzu Trading Cards can be used

to play the Buzu Trading Card Game (TCG)!

Choose your favorite Buzu Trading Card character and battle against other players!!


Equal parts chance and strategy the Buzu TCG comes with a game deck of over 100 cards

that are as unique as they are silly! 

TCG Card FAN-1.png

The Buzu Trading Card Game (TCG)

TCG Deck PIC-1.jpg
Rulebook PIC-1.png

Buzu TCG Game Deck

Each Buzu TCG Deck Includes:

• 100 Deck Cards

• Instruction Manual

• Tally Sheets

• ONE (1) Six-Sided Die

• ONE (1) Twenty-Sided Die

*Game Strips and Answer Key

Deck Cards sold separately.

TCG Card FAN-1.png



Although not required for game play

Buzu Gaming Strips are a great

way to keep track and keep organized

as you engage in Buzu battle!!


The Keys

to Success

Answer Key Item Cards challenge players to correctly respond to pre-selected questions (chosen by the teacher) that range in

three levels of difficulty.

Players who answer their question correctly in 60 seconds or less are allowed to choose whether to add the HP points to their score or to deduct the HP points from an opponent.

TCG Ans Key Strip.png
TCG Tally.png

Ran Out Of

Tally Sheets?

Click on the button below and print out more!!

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