BaseLine Buzu #39: No Muck Duck

August 8, 2018


BaseLine Buzu Card #39: No Muck Duck is here!

The BuzuVerse had better be on the lookout because this quack is ready to clean house! Inspired by STAAR Test question18 (, I wanted to create a character that is made out of rubber. While brainstorming I thought maybe some kind of tire creature or a superhero who flings rubber bands... and then it came to me: a rubber ducky! And where are rubber ducks most often found? That's right, the bathtub! 


I then followed the idea through by making this character obsessed with being squeaky clean! In fact, I just decided that he likes to take baths at least 3 time a day! (Oh man I love making things up and using my imagination!)




So back to the test question... it's important to know what an insulator is and what a conductor is and that they're opposites! So insulators are materials that prevent the flow of electricity. And if you really want to get all science about it, insulators are those materials that have atoms with electrons that stick close by.

Some examples of insulators are:

• Glass

• Porcelain

• Plastic

• Rubber


Conductors on the other hand have atoms that move away freely.

Some examples of conductors are:

• Metals (copper, aluminum, gold, platinum, silver)

• Water
Here's a weird fact - since we as people are made up of 60% water, we make pretty good conductors (whaaat!?) 


You can purchase No Muck Duck HERE. As usual I really enjoyed making this BaseLine Buzu. It is pretty much a sure thing that I will be making a few more insulator and conductor-based Buzu in the future. Until then, stay creative and keep practicing! 




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