Buzu University

As a student teacher I understood the value of pre-recorded lessons - especially art lessons.

After all there are so many advantages.

  • A teacher can virtually duplicate themselves (the teacher pre-recorded on the screen while the actual teacher oversees the students).

  • Some school districts do not have fine arts classes at all.

  • Some homeschool parents may need this kind of academic support.

  • Virtual lessons are always taught the exact same way.

  • Virtual lessons are always taught by the exact same teacher.

  • Students can pause and play videos at will allowing them to proceed at their own pace.

  • Students can access their lessons at times that are convenient to them.

Now pre-recorded lessons are the standard.

I'm currently teaching asynchronously - which essentially means that I pre-record my art instruction for students to watch and work on from home. There aren't any students currently in the school building, I don't see or speak to students in person, and I don't have any live Zoom meetings with students.

What this means is that as an elementary art teacher, my job during COVID-19 is to create instructional content. A large part of Buzu Trading Cards is creating instructional content.

And so the entrepreneurial voice within spoke up: "Hey, why don't you create your own art curriculum and sell it as another value add for your brand!" Which admittedly makes an incredible amount of sense. I already have to do the work, I may as well structure it as sellable content.

So although it is more work for me, if I do it right - I will have a virtual art lessons for an entire year for grades K-5 that I can not only use for my artroom going forward but also develop into another powerful value-add to the Buzu brand.

Buzu University is (will be) a comprehensive online platform that makes elementary (Kindergarten through 5th grade) art education affordable, effective and engaging with short, fun video lessons created by Mr. Guera. Each lesson will feature additional resources including relevant story readings, printable worksheets, lesson plans, room decor and a themed Buzu Trading Card.

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