The Beginning of the Buzu Blog

Last Friday, August the 28th, 2020 I participated in a pitch competition and won $25,000. If you like you can watch it all unfold here:

I had previously competed for the Geekdom Community Fund twice. The first time I won the Crowd Favorite prize ($100 Amazon giftcard) and the second time nothing. Thankfully over the summer I was accepted to be a part of Geekdom's Pre-Accelerator Program and learned how to best present my business. With regards to this recent win, I mostly credit the Geekdom staff who run the program and the mentors who advised me.

One of the mentors with whom I spoke suggested that I more frequently post content to my social media outlets and to start a blog. Posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. is a real challenge since they all have their own restrictions and requirements but it's doable. But keep a blog...?

I must have attempted to start five blogs by now and they've all gone the way of writing letters (I'm talking about old school snail mail here people), new sketchbooks I've bought and even a few long-distance friends... I'm good for a few exchanges and then things seem to just fade out. Whether its procrastination, laziness or just plain lack of discipline keeping a blog on the regular is not anything that I've ever done before.

But then again, I've never won $25,000 before either and that only happened because I listened to mentors who know what they're talking about. So, as you may have guessed, I'm going to keep a blog going forward and I believe the key to consistency this time around is focusing on what works for me:

  1. Write with relevant purpose - as events relate to my business I do think it will be a good idea to write about my experiences good and bad.

  2. Write the blog for myself (because at this moment it's difficult to imagine who else would be interested in reading all this! Ha!).

  3. Trust in myself. My past does not determine my future.

I like the thought that I made $25,000 in one day. That it was accomplished through perseverance and in the spirit of competition.

No background in business. No product. No team. Just me and my will to win.

But $25,000 isn't really that much - especially not in terms of funding a business. In truth, the win is more symbolic than anything else. It's validation - a sign that I'm on the right path and that there's still a long way to go.

So here's to the journey. #keepmovingforward

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